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  • Lane Hartley vs. Markus Vachon (Gut Bash) Added: 04-24-2017

  • Ethan Andrews vs. Lane Hartley (Jobbers Need Love, Too) Added: 04-21-2017

  • Nick Sparx vs. Josh Rotner Added: 04-19-2017

    Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 30 seconds   &ldqu [more]

  • Zach Reno vs. The Mountain (Arm Pit) Added: 04-17-2017

    Description coming soon!

  • Austin Cooper vs. Alex Oliver vs. Chet Chastain (Basement Battles) Added: 04-14-2017

    Description Coming Soon!

  • Alex Oliver vs. Damien Rush Added: 04-12-2017

    Who knew Damien Rush was a leather daddy? Alex Oliver wastes [more]

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  • Maybe you want a little more than wrestling? Try some posing from #BradenCharron! https://t.co/fBN0cliRtN https://t.co/1OabO4Vr13

    Mon Apr 24 08:50:19 - 1 Favorite
  • I didn't expect this from @TY_AlexanderBG. I just thought he wanted to play! #Cameron https://t.co/DOW44W2rVK https://t.co/pNRo2KOdbN

    Mon Apr 24 07:05:23 - 16 Favorite
  • #DrakeMarcos has no escape from the #domination of #GuidoGenatto in #ChainWars! #chokehold #gaywrestling… https://t.co/Dg7RsBpQin

    Mon Apr 24 05:45:19 - 3 Favorite
  • #MarcoThunder is trapped, his muscles twisted in the hands of #RendellZebu. #gaywrestling https://t.co/6kurdozYOT https://t.co/351fbWZePz

    Mon Apr 24 04:10:14 - 6 Favorite
  • #FlashLaCash keeps #musclegod #MarcMerino grounded, his entire massive frame struggling for every breath.… https://t.co/eQQpFtEvDR

    Mon Apr 24 02:40:11 - 6 Favorite
  • #FlashLaCash has never been more gleeful #dominating #MarcMerino! Watch every muscle of Marc squirm.… https://t.co/ZsqYTfUbtx

    Mon Apr 24 00:50:08 - 9 Favorite
  • #Heel #FlashLaCash takes control over the muscled #MarcMerino, enjoying every moment manipulating his body.… https://t.co/WwqEjvWQ2X

    Sun Apr 23 22:35:08 - 7 Favorite
  • #CamZagucci howls in the clutches of #MaxQuivers. And it only encourages Max to do more punishment!… https://t.co/Ml59jajCgp

    Sun Apr 23 19:05:07 - 4 Favorite
  • This is not the day #MarcoThunder thought it would against #ZMan. Watch him try and escape from Z-Man's power.… https://t.co/La8bYYt9Kh

    Sun Apr 23 17:55:07 - 6 Favorite
  • #DrakeMarcos wraps #ZachReno tighly...with his own arms! What is Drake about to say to poor Zach?… https://t.co/4umHUGMCjL

    Sun Apr 23 16:15:10 - 2 Favorite