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Wrestler4Hire is owned and operated by indy pro wrestler and King of underground wrestling, Cameron.


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  • Joey Nux vs. Nathan FX Added: 11-13-2019

    Big Joey Nux must have had to wrestle that tiny red thong j [more]

  • Elite Eliot vs. Garrett Thomas (My Nuts Bro!) Added: 11-11-2019

    Lupine Garrett Thomas likes to laugh at the dudes stretchin [more]

  • Jacob Van Acker vs. Seth Jackson Added: 11-10-2019

    Jacob Van Acker may be a pretty boy with a 90’s hero [more]

  • Gabe Steele Vs Jessie Lee Added: 11-08-2019

    Smooth, toned, compact and cute, sexy Jessie [more]

  • Channing Travolta vs. Guido Genatto and Flash LaCash Added: 11-06-2019

    We all know Guido Genatto is a hairy hunk of brutal trash t [more]

  • Joey Nux vs. Blake Starr & Garrett Ryder Added: 11-04-2019

    In pro wrestling TV shows, a handicapped match just about al [more]

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