Mark Muscle vs. Alex Oliver (Fantasy Fight)

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Starring: Mark Muscle, Alex Oliver

Cutie Alex Oliver appears as a youthful, golden-haired Superstud wannabe, in full red and blue attire. Mark Muscle needs no fancy costume. That body alone is costume enough, as he undulates and hip thrusts in black leather trunks, gloves, and an obvious villain’s mask. Can the Man of Steel defeat the Man of Pure Muscle? 

The initial chest grinding encounter only succeeds in making the Man of Steel look super tiny as opposed to super strong. They lock up, and Superstud is instantly straining, red-faced, and powerless, and Muscle Man slings him over his shoulder in a tight ass emphasizing humiliation shot. 

Superstud struggles, screams, moans and manages to maneuver himself into Muscle Man’s good graces when the supersuit is peeled away to reveal that natural, youthful musculature. But this isn’t a contest in being’s a fuckin’ fight, and Oliver’s Superstud has a lot yet to learn.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes



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    mark is cute

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    Looks like an incredible bout - love seeing Superman taking a beating