Maverick vs Alvin James (Maverick's Toy)

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Starring: Maverick, Alvin James

Alvin is chained to the ring by the neck. Maverick shows up with an villianous laugh, "what do we have here?"

One of Maverick's early appearances for me. We met way back in 2009 in Philadelphia at a pro wrestling TV Taping for one of the bigger indy companies, but we didn't say more than "hello" to each other. I touched base years later with him about coming in to do some videos for me. 

As in this match, he is always in ridiculous shape. More and more impressive with each appearance he makes.

I told Maverick that he'd have 30 minutes with his opponent, who was left tied up after having survived 30 minutes in the ring with another wrestler. What better gift than an already battered play toy to do whatever you wish? Alvin had no energy to fight back. That didn't matter though. Maverick wasn't gonna take it easy on him. 

Total Run-time: 30 minutes



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