Barry Burke vs. Austin Cooper ( Captured)

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Starring: Barry Burke, Austin Cooper

Barry is on a late night shift outside of a secret warehouse, where he is standing guard over classified information. A figure runs out of the darkness, grabs his victim from behind and covers his mouth with a chloroformed rag. The big man goes out like a baby.

The next scene shows big, bad and buff, Barry Burke strapped to a chair with a cloth bag over his head. Austin has Barry at his mercy. Austin demands information. Barry refuses to give it. Austin starts in on the torture of his opponent. Bending Barry over his knee with a backbreaker, he questions his prisoner.

Barry is strong and overpowers Cooper. Austin is a stud, too. Back-and-forth they torture each other. The intensity rises. A rope is used. Even a steel folding chair is brought into play. There are no rules in love and war.

Austin is determined to get what he wants. Barry refuses to give that information. Who will win this war of attrition?

Total Run-time: 21 minutes



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    does the military muscle take a piledriver?

  • Test Name - posted on 11/19/2016 09:49 AM  Whole StarWhole StarWhole StarWhole Star.75 Star

    Has Barry Burke stopped doing videos??