Drew Harper


Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 pounds
Hair: Blonde

Collegiate jock

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    Z-Man vs. Drew Harper

    Drew Harper is a rookie with solid tree trunk legs and broad muscular shoulders. So who better to

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    Ronnie Pearl vs. Drew Harper (Guest Ref)

    Dark-blond rookie Drew Harper is back, and we get treated to the full splendor of his muscular sh

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    Drew Harper vs. Nick Justice

    Nick Justice is back, and he’s still trying to track down the wrestler who stole his signat

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    Scrappy vs. Drew Harper (Ring)

    Scrappy’s got the musculature of a god...but he’s kinda short. Tall, powerful Drew Ha

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    Scrappy vs. Drew Harper (Beach)

    Scrappy and Drew look like models for a swimwear catalogue, wading in the lapping waters and skip

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    Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper

    Drew Harper strips off his letterman’s jacket to do pushups with his best friend, a certain