Age: 27
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 260 pounds

Russian Powerhouse

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  • Video
    Joey Nux & Drago vs. Reyes Valenti

    Joey and Drago head home after a long day. Imagine seeing these two muscled gods walking around y

  • Video
    Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Drago

    Dimitri Darkthorn looks incredible stretching in the ring, his lean swimmer’s build a pleas

  • Video
    Drago vs. Scrappy

    Much can be said, has been said, and will be said about the bodies of Drago and Scrappy. Each man

  • Video
    Drago vs. Reyes Valenti

    Drago’s body is almost too perfect to describe. He’s like the impossible love child o

  • Video
    Aaron Lopez vs. Drago and Vlad

    Big, monstrous bodybuilder Drago has been grinding wrestlers into the floor and taking names. It&

  • Video
    Joey Nux vs. Drago

    When Drago flexes, it’s hard to look away. He’s a breathtaking bodybuilder with the t