Wes Ratchett


Lifelong amateur/pro wrestler


  • Video
    Zach Reno vs. Wes Ratchett

    Zach Reno can’t get a break.  After being punished in the ring, there’s still no

  • Video
    Wes Ratchett vs. Teddy Trouble

    Wes Ratchett and Teddy Trouble have never squared off one on one until now.  They’re b

  • Video
    DJ Beckham Jr vs. Wes Ratchett

    DJ’s first run for W4H wouldn’t be complete without a dust up with prison-ready Wes R

  • Video
    Ace Owens vs. Wes Ratchett & Caleb Klein

    Who did poor Ace Owens piss off in the front office to deserve this?  Ace is a lean muscled

  • Video
    Chase Sinn vs. Wes Ratchett

    Wes Ratchett is one cut, tattooed, insane pro. We’re talking abs for days, trash talk for m

  • Video
    Iceman vs. Wes Ratchett

      Wes Ratchett is as unpredictable as a wrestler can get. His tatted and cut body tells