Todd the Rod


Age: 24
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

Hairy pro wrestler very versatile

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  • Video
    Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Todd The Rod

    Dimitri is a slim, sleek prettyboy with more sass and trash talk in his tight, perfect body than

  • Video
    Todd the Rod vs. Leo Sasuke

    Hairy, geeky camp counselor-type Todd bounds into his battle with sexy Leo Sasuke like he knows e

  • Video
    Nick Sparx vs. Todd the Rod

    “‘Bout time I got some competition,” says hairy Todd, looking like your most an

  • Video
    Joey Nux vs. Todd the Rod

    Joey Nux is looking better than ever before. This dude’s body is almost mind blowing. We&rs

  • Video
    Graham Varnett vs. Todd The Rod

    Graham Varnett has all the makings of a perfect, skinny jobber twigboy. Todd the Rod feels like y

  • Video
    Chase Sinn vs. Todd the Rod

    There’s something cute about Todd the Rod. He feels like your lame college roommate when yo

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