Jacob Van Acker


Age: 23
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair: Blonde

Energetic college guy. Ready for action!

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  • Video
    Jacob Van Acker vs. Danny Del Toro (Unleashed)

    New favorite Danny Del Toro is scrappy, nasty, streetsmart, and a seriously catty fighter. Jacob

  • Video
    Jacob Van Acker vs. Brock The Fan

    Find me a hotter young dude than Jacob Van Acker. This guy is built, beautiful, and hard to beat.

  • Video
    Jacob Van Acker vs. Z-Man

    When you take two faces, who also happen to be jobbers, and pair them up, one of them should fina

  • Video
    Jacob Van Acker vs. Ronnie Pearl (Guest Ref)

    Here’s the match that begs the question – did baby faced Jacob Van Acker piss off the

  • Video
    Blake Starr vs. Jacob Van Acker vs. Miss Gia Love

    Blake Starr and Jacob Van Acker have both spent a lot of time face-kissing the mat. Known for the

  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Jacob Van Acker (Rip and Strip)

    Scrappy comes at Jacob, wearing jeans and a white wife-beater, looking like a young Marlon Brando