Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Rookie wrestler with high aspirations of championship glory

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  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Mack Rodemeyer

    Scrappy’s body is beyond description these days. He was always a good looking kid, with tha

  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Reyes Valenti & Cameron

    One of the best parts of being the boss of your own wrestling company is making my hottest wrestl

  • Video
    Drago vs. Scrappy

    Much can be said, has been said, and will be said about the bodies of Drago and Scrappy. Each man

  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Seth Jackson

    Scantily clad muscleboy Scrappy has caught a slim and sexy stud in his beartrap thighs. Svelte Se

  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Joey Nux (Cowboys)

    Muscle daddy Joey Nux and young hunk Scrappy play a coupla cattlemen, in jeans and boots! Nux nab

  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Jacob Van Acker (Rip and Strip)

    Scrappy comes at Jacob, wearing jeans and a white wife-beater, looking like a young Marlon Brando