Austin Tyler


Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Blonde

Boy next door pro wrestler with incredible quads


  • Video
    Austin Tyler vs. Ethan Andrews

    Poised and ready to fight, both Ethan and Austin nervously approach each other. Both men are simi

  • Video
    Jobe Zander vs. Austin Tyler & Coleman Free

    Jobe seems surprised with both Austin and Coleman show up together, asking “What happened?&

  • Video
    Cameron vs. Austin Tyler vs. Zach Reno (Every Man For Himself)

    Three pro wrestlers go at it in the summer heat to see who is the better man.  Austin Ty

  • Video
    Cam Zagucci vs. Austin Tyler (Basement Battle)

    Now this match I was excited to film. I first saw Austin Tyler on another wrestling site and thou

  • Video
    Austin Tyler vs. Jayden Mayne vs. Coleman Free

    Austin Tyler and Coleman Free have their long, blonde hair up in manbuns. Clearly they’re e

  • Video
    Austin Tyler vs. Zach Reno (Outdoors)

    Blonde beauty, Austin Tyler and a short-haired Zach Reno have clearly been bickering all afternoo