Jaxton Wheeler


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Hair: Brown

Porn star stud who likes wrestling

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  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Jaxton Wheeler

    When Scrappy and Jaxton have a pose off, it’s hard to decide where to look. On the one hand

  • Video
    Mark Muscle vs. Jaxton Wheeler

    Mark Muscle looks like something out of an old-fashioned beefcake calendar. His pe

  • Video
    Christian Thorn vs. Jaxton Wheeler

    We find gorgeous Christian strapped to the wall, wearing only a white thong, which he fills out e

  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Braden Charron & Jaxton Wheeler

    Pro handicapped matches generally put two jobbers up against a heel who easily destroys both with

  • Video
    Cali Boy vs. Jaxton Wheeler

    There are some days when you just wish you would have stayed home. This is one of those days for

  • Video
    Braden Charron vs. Jaxton Wheeler

    Two massive hunks of masculinity face-off in this match. Braden is covered in sexy smooth skin wi