Nathan FX


Age: 24
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175 lbs.

Model aspiring to become an actor

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  • Video
    TJ Reks vs. Nathan FX

    All the sexy, dominating squash jobs in the world can’t compare to one well-fought, even an

  • Video
    Nathan FX vs. Vlad

    Russian bad boy Vlad is already locked up between slender Nathan’s thighs. These guys look

  • Video
    Joey Nux vs. Nathan FX

    Big Joey Nux must have had to wrestle that tiny red thong just to get into it. The musclestud sta

  • Video
    Nathan FX vs. Blake Starr (Oil Wrestling)

    Nathan is oiling himself when Blake enters the room. Blake shows no interest in using the baby oi

  • Video
    Kayden Alexander vs. Nathan FX vs. Christian Satinall vs. Matty O'Boy vs. Zacky Darlin

    The handsome and chiseled Nathan FX is sitting on the couch texting when there’s a knock at

  • Video
    Nathan FX vs. Matty O'Boy

    Nathan starts off the match with a quick, “What’s up, Ginger Snap?” Matty seems