Jax Brewer


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue

High School Wrestling Champion. Part-time Model

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  • Video
    Cameron vs. Jax Brewer (Mat Rats)

    How impressive is Jax Brewer? From the first moment I saw him wrestle, I knew he was a superstar.

  • Video
    Cal Bennett vs. Jax Brewer

    Handsome, leading man Cal Bennett faces off with Jax Brewer. You can’t deny Bennett’s

  • Video
    Matty O'Boy vs. Jax Brewer

    Red-headed Matty O’Boy may be slim, pale, and petulant, but this dude is not to be underest

  • Video
    Brad Barnes vs. Jax Brewer (Jock Wars)

    Bubble-butt Jax Brewer is working out that skillful bod. Wearing some smart graphic print speedos

  • Video
    Jax Brewer vs. Nick Justice

    If you’re not up on the pure magic that is Jax Brewer, then you’ve got some masterful

  • Video
    Nathan FX vs. Jax Brewer

    “You ready for this?” “Bring it on, bitch!”  Nathan FX resem