Matty O'Boy


Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs.

Cute twink with a brain. Great trash talker.

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  • Video
    Ethan Andrews & Gabe Steele vs. Matty O'Boy & Zacky Darlin

    Matty and Zacky are two of the cutest wrestler on the roster. Real Life boyfriends, they are fier

  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Matty O'Boy

    Scrappy’s short and muscular. Matty’s slim and natural. Muscle man vs. marionette. Ma

  • Video
    Matty O'Boy vs. Marco Thunder

    If you haven’t yet seen slim ginger Matty O’Boy battle, you’ve missed some seri

  • Video
    Kayden Alexander vs. Nathan FX vs. Christian Satinall vs. Matty O'Boy vs. Zacky Darlin

    The handsome and chiseled Nathan FX is sitting on the couch texting when there’s a knock at

  • Video
    Nathan FX vs. Matty O'Boy

    Nathan starts off the match with a quick, “What’s up, Ginger Snap?” Matty seems

  • Video
    Ace Owens vs. Nick Justice (Guest Ref)

    Nick Justice - the resident Chris Pratt - wants a match with somebody who knows the meaning of th