Drake Marcos


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs.

Drake is always up for a fun wrestling match against almost anybody. Whether he wins or loses, he always leaves with a little smile on his face.

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  • Video
    Elite Eliot vs. Flash LaCash

    The poor ref has two proud fighters to keep track of. Elite Eliot looks fierce and sexy, his trim

  • Video
    Drake Marcos & Ty Alexander vs. Marc Merino (Double-Crossed)

    I figured since I'd had two roommates hanging out that I should let them have some fun beatin

  • Video
    Drake Marcos vs. Ty Alexander (Kiss My Ass)

    Originally, I got this script from a fan who wanted a competitive match between two muscle guys.

  • Video
    Drake Marcos vs. Zach Reno (Mat Rats)

    Both Marcos and Reno are more than wrestlers. They are artists in the ring, arresting audiences w

  • Video
    Drake Marcos vs. Guido Genatto (Chain Wars)

    Drake Marcos is clearly unafraid, evident in his willingness to not only take on sadistic Guido G

  • Video
    Drake Marcos vs. Brad Barnes (Oil)

    "Brad Barnes here...master of oil wrestling...best in the world," the powerful, fireplu