Caleb Klein


Pro wrestler

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  • Video
    Zach Reno vs. Caleb Klein

    Zach Reno had reached out to Caleb Klein on Facebook to arrange this match, and Caleb’s a l

  • Video
    Tristan Baldwin vs. Caleb Klein

    Tristan Baldwin is a well-known veteran of the underground wrestling world. And he always shows u

  • Video
    DJ Beckham Jr vs. Caleb Klein

    DJ is a pro wrestler who has had success in other circuits, and wants to bring his brand of macho

  • Video
    Caleb Klein vs. Teddy Trouble vs. MarkO

    These three veteran brawlers know their way around a ring.  Caleb is more of the “face

  • Video
    Ace Owens vs. Wes Ratchett & Caleb Klein

    Who did poor Ace Owens piss off in the front office to deserve this?  Ace is a lean muscled

  • Video
    Will Favero vs. Caleb Klein

    An intense lock-up from the opening moments of this video shows you just what kind of aggressiven