Height: 5'7"
Weight: 205 lbs

Powerhouse, party boy, pro wrestler with a bad attitude.

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  • Video
    Zach Reno Vs. MarkO

    After a few matches where Zach Reno got to squash someone else for a change, the powers that be m

  • Video
    MarkO vs. Teddy Trouble & Max Quivers

    Our resident henchman, Max Quivers, is back, filling up the locker room with his massive presence

  • Video
    DJ Beckham Jr vs. MarkO

    Poor DJ cannot get a break.  Hanging out in the locker room, he’s probably hoping for

  • Video
    Caleb Klein vs. Teddy Trouble vs. MarkO

    These three veteran brawlers know their way around a ring.  Caleb is more of the “face

  • Video
    Ace Owens vs. MarkO

    This is the locker room fantasy you probably wish you’d seen in high school, or maybe even

  • Video
    KARN vs. MarkO vs. Maverick (Double-Crossed)

    When Marko staggers into Karn and Maverick’s game, rambling and fucking with their stuff, i