Kelly King


Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hair: Brown

High school football stud from Texas who traded his pads in for a successful pro wrestling career.

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  • Video
    Kelly King vs. Chico The Student (From The Vault)

    Kelly King is the kind of beefy stud you’d have to be a fool to faceoff with unless you&rsq

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    Lane Hartley & Kelly King vs. Ethan Andrews & Austin Cooper (Tag Team Turmoil)

    It’s a complete departure from previous titles, featuring nothing but boys being sweet to e

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    Kelly King vs. Austin Cooper (Knock Outs)

    Well, I finally had enough down time to release the video. This was a custom request so I can tak

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    Lane Hartley & Kelly King vs. Wayne The Jobber

    Weasley Wayne The Jobber antagonizes the shit out of adorable big guy Kelly King, just begging hi

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    Kelly King vs. Barry Burke (Grudge Match)

    What IS it about watching two dudes fight it out? Kelly King and Barry Burke stand just inches aw

  • Video
    Kelly King vs. Nick Justice (Best Friend Battle)

    What happens when you let two friends kick-off the first match during a shoot? Lots of action&nbs