Nick Justice


Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Brown

Loud, out-going, party boy from Florida

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  • Video
    Nick Justice vs. Mason Broder

    Poor Mason Broder.  He probably thinks that after a few fun matches during his trip to Ameri

  • Video
    Blake Starr vs. Nick Justice

    Ruh-roh – did someone say “Minions”? Nick Justice is on the prowl for all the b

  • Video
    Zach Altovito vs. Nick Justice (Guest Ref)

    Zach Altovito has that massive bodybuilder look that likely causes some good people to write bad

  • Video
    Noah Yuckenberg vs. Nick Justice

    Noah is new and probably feeling a little cocky, because he wiped the mat with super-suffering tw

  • Video
    Drew Harper vs. Nick Justice

    Nick Justice is back, and he’s still trying to track down the wrestler who stole his signat

  • Video
    Dawson Delight Vs. Nick Justice

    Long-time fans know Nick Justice is the take-no-prisoners master heel and sadist in the Wrestler4