Zach Reno


Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

High-energy rookie pro wrestler hungry for success

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  • Video
    Zach Reno vs. Mark Muscle & Zach Altovito

    24 inch arms. Thighs of solid rock. Altovito and Mark Muscle are like ogres from a fantasy movie,

  • Video
    Zach Reno vs. Garrett Thomas

    If you’ve been following the careers of Zach Reno and Garrett Thomas, you know you’d

  • Video
    Zach Reno & Ethan Andrews vs. Garrett Thomas

    Lone wolf Garrett’s got some deep scratches in his thighs. Looks like he’s been torn

  • Video
    Zach Reno vs. Mighty Vinny (Pros Up-Close)

    Beefy badass Vinny has happened upon a bottle of baby oil, which he’s all too happy to slid

  • Video
    Zach Reno vs. Wes Ratchett

    Zach Reno can’t get a break.  After being punished in the ring, there’s still no

  • Video
    Zach Reno vs. Teddy Trouble

    Zach Reno is likely licking his wounds after another trip to jobber-ville, and just wants to get