Mark Muscle


Age: 28
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 255 lbs.
Hair: Brown

Professional bodybuilder and model

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  • Video
    Zach Reno vs. Mark Muscle & Zach Altovito

    24 inch arms. Thighs of solid rock. Altovito and Mark Muscle are like ogres from a fantasy movie,

  • Video
    Mark Muscle & Zach Altovito vs. Ethan Andrews

    “We’re beasts...kings of the ring...biggest arms in the game,” laugh almost int

  • Video
    Mark Muscle vs. Garrett Thomas (Headscissors)

    Mark Muscle and Garrett Thomas have tangled before, but Garrett doesn’t remember. These two

  • Video
    Mark Muscle vs. Zach Altovito (Hotel)

    It was bright and early in a hotel room outside of Philly when two powerhouse giants came crashin

  • Video
    Blake Starr vs. Mark Muscle

    Blake Starr’s been eating a lot of mat lately, but nobody looks better in mi

  • Video
    Mark Muscle vs. Jaxton Wheeler

    Mark Muscle looks like something out of an old-fashioned beefcake calendar. His pe