Barry Burke


Age: 31
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

He's even bigger in real-life. Dominant muscle stud who doesn't mind playing jobber for the right opponent.

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  • Video
    Barry Burke vs. Brad Barnes

    "Look at those. King Quads. Quad-zilla." proclaims Barry Burke as he taunts his opponen

  • Video
    Barry Burke vs. Austin Cooper ( Captured)

    Barry is on a late night shift outside of a secret warehouse, where he is standing guard over cla

  • Video
    Kelly King vs. Barry Burke (Grudge Match)

    What IS it about watching two dudes fight it out? Kelly King and Barry Burke stand just inches aw

  • Video
    Chase Sinn vs. Barry Burke (Just Wrestle)

    Two of the most knowledgeable technical wrestlers in the world meet in a small warehouse. Chase u

  • Video
    Barry Burke vs. Lon DuMont & KARN (Double-Teamed)

    Barry had just returned to our shoot from an hour-long gym session at a local gym. In fact, he ac

  • Video
    Barry Burke vs. Lane Hartley & Kelly King (Double-Teamed)

    The alpha-male of my roster is obviously Barry Burke. The dude is always slamming weights around