Marc Merino


Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Determined bodybuilder, whose power is not enough to compete against seasoned wrestlers. Loves flexing his big muscles.

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  • Video
    Cameron vs. Marc Merino (Chained Up)

    Swarthy, dark-haired Marc Merino is a seriously sexy stud. Standing tall in his bright orange sho

  • Video
    Max Quivers vs. Marc Merino (Knocked Out)

    What a fantasy? A big, dumb, muscle-bound stud being your personal boy toy.   That&#

  • Video
    Drake Marcos & Ty Alexander vs. Marc Merino (Double-Crossed)

    I figured since I'd had two roommates hanging out that I should let them have some fun beatin

  • Video
    Lon DuMont vs. Marc Merino (Wedgie Wars)

    Marc Merino is sparing on the ring and flexing is big muscles when Lon Dumont shows up. Lon tells

  • Video
    Flash LaCash vs. Marc Merino (Make Him Suffer)

    Massive Marc Merino looks damn good in his blue plaid, belted trunks, like something out of a vin

  • Video
    Maverick vs. Marc Merino (Play Toy)

    Marc Merion almost matches Maverick in size. Chained to the turnbuckle, this gravel-voiced valian