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    Alexander Greystroke

    Hairy hunk

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    Caleb Brand

    Confident world-traveled pro wrestler from Canada

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    Caleb Klein

    Pro wrestler

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    Calvin Haynes

    Hairy, mature hunk

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    Chace LaChance

    Frat boy, Chace, is a big fan of himself. With a perfectly proportioned body and a sexy smile

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    Damien Rush

    Intense underground wrestler who always looks to test his opponents limits, often taking them beyond their comfort zone.

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    Daxx Carter

    Bodybuilder with huge arms and a nice guy side

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    Drake Marcos

    Drake is always up for a fun wrestling match against almost anybody. Whether he wins or loses, he always leaves with a little smile on his face.

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    Guido Genatto

    Professional bad-ass