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Wrestler4Hire is owned and operated by indy pro wrestler and King of underground wrestling, Cameron.


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  • Topher DiMaggio vs. Joey Nux Added: 05-31-2020

    Topher DiMaggio vs. Joey Nux   If you’re [more]

  • Drago vs. Scrappy Added: 05-29-2020

    Much can be said, has been said, and will be said about the [more]

  • Braden Charron vs. Blake Starr Added: 05-27-2020

    Hey! Have you ever had your head trapped between the thighs [more]

  • Tyler Royce vs. Jobe Zander (Domination) Added: 05-25-2020

    I've known Jobe for over a decade...and have been a fan of [more]

  • Flash LaCash vs. Johnny Jobber Added: 05-24-2020

    Description coming soon!

  • Jacob Van Acker vs. Nick Justice (The Re-Match) Added: 05-22-2020

    Singlets! Sleek, skintight, revealing singlets. For some wr [more]

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