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  • Jayden Mayne vs. Zach Reno (Loser Does Chores) Added: 12-10-2018

    This is a very intense match! The loser of each match has [more]

  • Callum MacKenzie vs. Kieron Night vs. Martin Sherlock (Caught In The Act) Added: 12-07-2018

  • Dashing Dustin vs. Seth Jackson (Mat Rats) Added: 12-05-2018

    This is EASILY one of the sexiest matches filmed. Dusting [more]

  • Scrappy vs. Elite Eliot Added: 12-03-2018

    Confident, muscular and incredibly sexy, young Scrappy pran [more]

  • Cameron vs. Teddy Trouble (British Rules) Added: 11-30-2018

    I have been an admirer of Teddy since I first saw him in [more]

  • Tyler Royce vs. Hugh Hunter (Daddy's Play Toy) Added: 11-28-2018

    It’s the age old image: Man vs. Boy. Big guy vs. Li [more]

  • Cali Boy vs. Marco Thunder (My Nuts, Bro) Added: 11-26-2018

    Cali Boy has all but proven himself to be the King of the [more]

  • Maverick vs. Braden Charron (Vampire Tales) Added: 11-23-2018

  • Ryan Zivens vs. Matty O'Boy & Zacky Darlin (Double-Teamed) Added: 11-21-2018

    Real-life boyfriends, Matty O’Boy and Zacky Darling [more]