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    Ace Owens

    Hot College Student who is a part-time Indy Pro Wrestler from the Midwest

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    Austin Tyler

    Boy next door pro wrestler with incredible quads

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    Bucky Lawless

    Southern boy who enjoys lifting weights and drinking beer

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    Cali Boy

    Instagram model and fitness coach who grew up on the beaches of Southern California.

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    Callum MacKenzie

    British rookie pro wrestler

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    Cam Zagucci

    Greenhorn pro wrestler and aspiring actor/model.

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    Chet Chastain

    Arrogant heel with the heart of a jobber.

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    Christian Thorn

    Mixed Martial Arts competitor.

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    CJ Reznik

    CJ is an ambitious novice. Spends most of his free time in the gym, at the beach and the mall.