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    Austin Cooper

    College stud who enjoys the lifestyle that comes with it. Doesn't mind showing off his body for the right audience.

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    Barry Burke

    He's even bigger in real-life. Dominant muscle stud who doesn't mind playing jobber for the right opponent.

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    Brad Barnes

    Fitness model and personal trainer with pro experience.

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    Braden Charron

    Bodybuilder who loves to show-off for the camera and his opponent(s).

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    Brute Baynard

    Muscle stud from South Florida

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    Dick Rick

    Possibly the most arrogant, self-absorbed pro wrestler of all-time.

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    Joey Angel

    Amateur bodybuilder with martial arts experience.

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    Joey Nux

    Bodybuilder and model

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    Marc Merino

    Determined bodybuilder, whose power is not enough to compete against seasoned wrestlers. Loves flexing his big muscles.