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    Dax Dexter

    University student from the United Kingdom (England)

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    Dick Rick

    Possibly the most arrogant, self-absorbed pro wrestler of all-time.

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    Dolph Denner

    Tatted pro wrestler who looks for any reason to get in the ring

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    Dr. X

    Mysterious, aggressive heel. Skilled on the mat with great submission holds.

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    Drake Marcos

    Drake is always up for a fun wrestling match against almost anybody. Whether he wins or loses, he always leaves with a little smile on his face.

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    Elite Eliot

    Military man with wrestling background

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    Ethan Axel Andrews

    Competitive submission wrestler with pro aspirations. Very versatile.

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    Flash LaCash

    Tough, Pro Wrestler with an aggressive streak.

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    Garrett Thomas

    Well-traveled pro wrestler looking to make a name in the underground scene


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