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    Ace Owens

    Hot College Student who is a part-time Indy Pro Wrestler from the Midwest

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    Alex Oliver

    Young professional who spends his summers as a life guard.

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    Alvin James

    Ripped and ready for action

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    Andres Bonito

    Suave Italian who has taken up pro wrestling

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    Austin Cooper

    College stud who enjoys the lifestyle that comes with it. Doesn't mind showing off his body for the right audience.

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    Barry Burke

    He's even bigger in real-life. Dominant muscle stud who doesn't mind playing jobber for the right opponent.

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    Brad Barnes

    Fitness model and personal trainer with pro experience.

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    Braden Charron

    Bodybuilder who loves to show-off for the camera and his opponent(s).

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    Brendan Cage

    Businessman looking for some side action


  • #GuidoGenatto wants to dominate #FlashLaCash. But will his best friend stay at his mercy? See it in the Member Vide…

    Tue Mar 28 00:20:10 - 2 Favorite
  • @LiamCoy visiting with family for their birthdays, give me some time to respond this week. Thanks for understanding, Cameron

    Mon Mar 27 23:54:25 - 0 Favorite
  • Really looking forward to meeting and shooting with @HughHunterXXX on Friday

    Mon Mar 27 23:53:24 - 1 Favorite
  • @revboy54 never know what you'll need a bed for when your opponent is knocked out

    Mon Mar 27 23:51:37 - 0 Favorite
  • @Super_Cyclone cool costume

    Mon Mar 27 23:50:24 - 0 Favorite
  • @Super_Cyclone Great photos!

    Mon Mar 27 23:48:30 - 0 Favorite
  • What an AB-BASHING!

    Mon Mar 27 23:46:44 - 1 Favorite
  • Excellent thoughts on Max Quivers vs. "SuperBoy" Cam Zagucci

    Mon Mar 27 23:45:59 - 0 Favorite
  • Five men. One mat. You know you want to be in the middle of it. #gaywrestling #4on1 #manmeat

    Mon Mar 27 23:20:11 - 3 Favorite
  • @EdgeMediaNet I once saw Cuba Gooding Jr. at an NYC club I was in.

    Mon Mar 27 23:01:45 - 0 Favorite